Oppo is rolling out the new ColorOS 2.1.3i update for the Find 7 and Find 7a. Oppo shared a snapshot of the new features in a preview video.

Noteworthy changes in the ColorOS 2.1.3i include the new Air Gestures which allow easy navigation while viewing photos or switching between homescreens.

The Eye Protection mode is aimed at those who read a lot of text on their phones. When enabled, the screen simply switches to a warm color temperature, and back to cold when disabled. This is achieved as the display’s blue lights are set at low, medium or high levels.

Power Saving mode promises ample energy saving settings and all the changes made can be saved. So when switched on, it loads the predefined settings. Take a look at these changes in the preview video:

Apart from that, the update will bring overall system stability and improve the performance, as usual. Oppo will start rolling out the update this week.