The Playstation 4 just got a “new” mandatory System Software, which will be required for your Playstation 4 to successfully connect to the PSN Online services.

Well, it is not really new, per se…


The firmware number did not change, and if you were already running system software 2.57, you will not find an update notification.

Sony just changed the firmware 2.57 from being an optional one to being a mandatory one, which means that you will have to update to system software 2.57 to use the PSN store.


In the last weeks it was up to you if you wanted to run firmware 2.55 or 2.57.

It doesn’t seem that they have published a second revision of firmware 2.57 (like they did in the past with a few PS3 firmwares), it is still the same version 2.57 that has been available for a few weeks.

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