Without a doubt, we realize that the current year’s legend shading for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is Rose Gold. Be that as it may, envision the a huge number of individuals why should going have one, while what you need the most is some selectiveness.

All things considered, its Vietnamese organization Karalux that acts the hero, offering a Black Gold plating administration for the iPhone 6s notwithstanding its more conventional 24K gold-plating employments. The mixing so as to shade is accomplished gold with rhodium in a particular proportion and rhodium itself is 6 times more lavish than gold, the organization’s specialized executive says.

The tedious procedure of covering an iPhone with Black Gold takes 8 hours and as you could have speculated, it’s not precisely shabby. A 64GB iPhone 6s plunged in the rhodium/gold pot will set you back $2,300 (VND 52 million), however you could spare two or three million and get the 16GB form, why should we judge where your needs lie.