Sony might not be attending Gamescom directly, but alot of their popular third-party publishers are, and one of the neat games that was finally confirmed after almost a year of rumors as that ‘Attack of the Titan’ is coming to our current-gen console, and not only that they are down-porting it to PS3 and PSVita also, so we will be able to enjoy all the slashing action across all three of Sony’s platforms in ’16.

We previously reported that an Attack on Titan game is in development for a PlayStation console, and Koei Tecmo made it official by announcing Attack on Titan (working title) for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. Watch the teaser trailer below:The Attack on Titan game will be an action title that will launch in Japan, North America, and Europe sometime in 2016. The game is being developed by Warriors game makers Omega Force of Koei Tecmo.

Enjoy the very short teaser attached below, but at least it lets us know if we don’t have our sharp hardcore gamer skills at hand, we will quickly lose the first boss battle.