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Review: Octopath Traveler

Since its dispatch a year ago, the Nintendo Switch has made waves over the world, offering a surpassing number of units in such a short measure of time. This needs to do with a few things, yet in particular is the guaranteed lineup of recreations. In a little more...

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Review: Code of Princess EX

Video Review Since its dispatch a year ago the Nintendo Switch has turned into a warlock's play area where incalculable old diversions have gone to discover new life. Code of Princess started its reality as a 3DS amusement,...

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OnePlus 5 prototype

Much has been said in regards to the supposed double camera of the OnePlus 5, yet this outline (with the two focal points situated vertically) is by all accounts the most mainstream (with uncommon special cases). Presently a charged model has been captured with quite...

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SMITE Lands PS4 Launch Trailer

A MOBA composed of mythological figures including the likes of Hercules, Amaterasu, and even Cupid, SMITE is a multiplayer game that’s garnered a wide net of appeal. Having already been made available on Xbox One and PC, the free-to-play MOBA is making its way to...

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