Google has released Chrome 45 for desktop, which is now available to download on PC, Mac, and Linux. The biggest change in this update is improved RAM management, which reduces the memory usage of idle tabs in the background.

Chrome can now check on tabs in the background and can tell if there is no activity on them for a while. It will then aggressively clear unused memory to reduce the memory footprint of those tabs. Google claims it can free up about 10% memory on an average and as much as a quarter for sites like Gmail.

Chrome will also intelligently restore your tabs upon relaunch, if you use that feature. The tabs are restored based on when they were accessed and older tabs are not restored until you click on them to save memory, especially on low memory machines.

As we wrote about before, Chrome will now also not load non-essential Flash content on websites, which should save up to 15% battery on laptops.

Chrome 45 is now available to download and if you have it installed has probably updated itself by now.