Yesterday we were a little that we didn’t see 128GB storage option for the new Galaxy flagships. It turns out that Samsung just didn’t make a fuss about it, both the Galaxy Note5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+ will have a choice of 32GB/64GB/128GB storage.

You can view them at the Samsung US site where you can get either phone for the major US carriers. The only omission is that Sprint won’t have a 128GB version of the Galaxy S6 edge+ (it does have a 128GB Note5).

AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile will carry the three storage options for both phablets. There’s no pricing for the 128GB versions yet, suggesting they won’t make it in time for the first wave of shipments. You can check out the currently available pricing here.

And in case you missed it, pre-orders are for the US and South Korea only, Europe will have to wait until next year. And the big deal about the 128GB option is that you can’t expand the storage after the fact – there’s no microSD slot.