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Game Console Repairs & Modding Services Lahore

PlayStation 3

Sony PlayStation 3 Repair Services

Ps3 not switching on? we fix PS3 power related problems and YLOD (Yellow Light of Death), if your ps3 refuses to switch on or display is black or freezes while playing games.

We offer ps3 downgrade services from any latest firmware (System Software Update 4.81) to firmware 3.55 or custom firmware including multi-man to play backups for games you already own.

We offer Downgrade and modding services for PS3 standard Phat, PS3 Slim and PS3 Super Slim.

PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4 Repair Services ( PS4 )

We fix almost all sorts of faults with ps4

  • PS4 Blue Light of Death fix (BLOD)
  • PS4 Blue-ray Drive replacement service
  • PS4 Laser replacement service
  • PS4 Power supply failure and replacement
  • PS4 Hard drive replacement and upgrade
  • PS4 Controller Sync related problems and issues
  • PS4 Wifi signal weak or network problems
  • PS4 Hdmi port replacement and repairs
  • PS4 not reading games
  • PS4 Freezing while playing games

XBOX 360

Microsoft XBOX 360 Repair Services

  • XBOX 360 RGH Services
  • XBOX 360 LTU & LT3 Services
  • XBOX 360 Hard Drive Replacement
  • XBOX Reset Glitch Hack
  • XBOX RROD ( Red Ring of Death ) Fix
  • XBOX DVD Rom Replacement
  • XBOX No Power Fix


Microsoft XBOX ONE Repair Services

  • XBOX ONE Hard Drive Replacement
  • XBOX ONE BD-Rom Replacement Service
  • XBOX ONE not playing Games
  • XBOX ONE Freezing
  • XBOX ONE Slim Services
  • XBOX ONE Network related problems


Nintendo Wii Repair Services

Wii U

Nintendo Wii U Repair Services

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