Microsoft XBOX 360 Repairs Lahore

Fast and competitively priced Xbox 360 repairs for  customers. All Xbox 360 repairs for are completed at the modern service centre.

Most Xbox 360 repairs are completed within just 2 business days. All Xbox repairs include a full warranty, as well as comprehensive functionality testing post-repair, for your peace of mind. Courier service is offered with all Xbox 360 repairs for  customers, to ensure consoles are secure in transit and turnarounds are kept to a minimum. Xbox 360 Repairs  | RROD Repair | Xbox 360 Laser Replacement  | E74 Error Repair | RGH XBOX 360 | LTU and LT3 Drive Firmware Flashing

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XBOX 360 Repairs Lahore

XBOX 360 Repairs Lahore

All Xbox 360 Repairs are being carried out by Team of Professional & Experienced Technicians at Xbox 360 Repair Centre Lahore.

Every Xbox 360 repair for Lahore undertaken is completed using professional equipment designed for console repairs, and only high Quality replacement parts are used, to ensure all repairs are Reliable.

If you are in Lahore and require an Xbox 360 repair then get in contact today. Please give us a call or simply fill in the online form with your details and one of the team will contact you back shortly.

XBOX 360 Repair Services in Lahore

Common Xbox 360 Faults we repair at our XBOX Repair Centre

• Not Reading Games
• Disk Tray Error
• Red Ring of Death (ROD)
• Disc Drive Faults
• HDMI Port Repair
• E74 Error Code
• Power Faults
• Broken USB Ports
• XBOX 360 Not Powering up

  • XBOX 360 RGH Services ( Reset Glitch Hack)
  • XBOX 360 Drive Modification LTU (Play All Religion Games)

The most frequently occurring of these problems is the Xbox RROD (Red Ring of Death), which is caused by the Xbox overheating and causing damage to some of the internal components.

Each of the completed Xbox 360 repairs for Lahore include a warranty which covers any parts replaced as well as the work carried out. This offers assurance that your Lahore Xbox repair has been completed to the highest standard possible.

We not only fix faulty xbox 360 but offer modification services like LTU Drive firmware update, Firmware spoofing for drive replacement and modify firmware to play backups.

RGH / JTAG service is also available for XBOX 360 which include installation of Cool runner, 360 Run and glitcher inside almost XBOX 360 models and software installation including Free style dash or Aurora FSD as alternative dashboard. modding services are available for XBOX 360 Falcon, Jasper, XBOX 360 Slim and XBOX 360 Super Slim.

So if you are near Lahore and require an Xbox 360 repair please contact the team today by phone, or fill out the website form and a staff member will be in touch shortly.


Q. My Xbox 360 is not Reading Discs, is it Fixable ?

A. If your console is not reading discs, it is likely that the laser has been damaged or worn out. The defective component can be removed and a replacement laser can be fitted.

Q. My Xbox 360 is not switching on today and showing up three red lights, was working fine yesterday ?

A. If your xbox 360 is not switching on or has not showing display but three red lights then its highly likely to have RROD which is caused by overheating and yes we can fix this problem.

Q. Is Xbox 360 worth repairing or should i buy a new one?

A. Yes it is worth fixing because all repairs we carry out at our repair centre are cost effective and come with warranty for atleast three months.

Q. No Power to my xbox 360 and no red lights ?

A. If thats the case then you power supply has gone faulty, should consider buying a new one which is cheaper than getting the power supply repaird.

Q. Controller is not working with my Xbox 360?

A. Controller could be out of sync with your XBOX, try syncing by pressing white button on controller and then on XBOX.

Q. My XBOX 360 Keeps Freezing while Playing Games ?

A. There can be many causes for Xbox 360 to freeze, Dirty Disc, Overheating or your Graphics processor is dying out.

Q. Is my xbox compatible for RGH Hack ?

A. All xbox 360 models can hacked with reset glitch hack technique to play backup games directly from hard drive that you already own.

Q. Is it possible to perform LTU Modification on my xbox dvd drive  ?

A. yes we can modify almost all dvd rom drives for almost all xbox 360 models regardless Phat or Slim.