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The team provide Xbox One repairs for Lahore customers, with excellent success rates. All repairs include a warranty covering parts fitted and labour.

Xbox One Repairs Lahore – Green Screen of Death Repair Lahore – Xbox One Laser Repair Lahore

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XBOX one Repairs Lahore

XBOX ONE Repairs Lahore

All Xbox ONE Repairs are being carried out by Team of Professional & Experienced Technicians at Xbox ONE Repair Centre Lahore.

Every Xbox ONE repair for Lahore undertaken is completed using professional equipment designed for console repairs, and only high Quality replacement parts are used, to ensure all repairs are Reliable.

If you are in Lahore and require an Xbox ONE repair then get in contact today. Please give us a call or simply fill in the online form with your details and one of the team will contact you back shortly.

XBOX ONE Repair Services in Lahore

No system launch is without a few hiccups, and that’s why we have an entire page dedicated to any and all problems that may spring up during the Xbox One launch.the Xbox One has a slew of problems affecting a very small percentage of people.
A few examples people have been saying is wrong with their console is failure for the Kinect to hear their voice, failure of voice commands, and disc drive problems. If you have experienced problems like these or others please feel free to Contact us.

My Xbox One update won’t download
My console displays error E100
My optical drive doesn’t work
My Xbox One won’t power on
My Kinect is plugged in, but I’m getting a message that it’s unplugged
My disc drive makes a clicking sound
My Xbox One freezes on a screen
My Controller is not syncing with my Xbox One
My Achievements are not unlocking while I play offline
I can’t change my Xbox One display name
I can’t host multiplayer games or Party Chat
My games will not install
My Xbox One’s Xbox logo flashes white
GSOD ( Green Screen Of Death )
Stuck on Green Xbox Logo



Q. My Xbox ONE is not Reading Discs, is it Fixable ?

A. If your console is not reading discs, it is likely that the laser has been damaged or worn out. The defective component can be removed and a replacement laser can be fitted.

Q. My Xbox One’s Xbox logo flashes white

A.If your Xbox One is turned off and the white Xbox logo on the front of the console pulses on and off, it means that the console is downloading a dashboard or service update.You can disable background downloads in the Settings menu.

Q. Is Xbox ONE worth repairing or should i buy a new one?

A. Yes it is worth fixing because all repairs we carry out at our repair centre are cost effective and come with warranty for atleast three months.

Q. My XBOX one disc drive makes a clicking sound ?

A. Other users report that their optical drive makes a loud clicking sound and simply refuses to read the disc. While a noise like this likely indicates mechanical failure

Q. My Xbox One won’t power on?

A. The first portion is the usual gauntlet of common knowledge: Make sure all of your cables are connected properly and the wall jack is functioning properly. if not then you might have a broken power supply.

Q. My XBOX ONE displays error E100 ?

A. Xbox One Error E100 Code indicates a hardware update malfunction. According to Microsoft’s troubleshooting website, this error is caused by a failed hardware update.

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