Prior today we provided details regarding iFixit’s teardown of the iPhone 6s, which uncovered a substantial show get together and a littler battery contrasted with the iPhone 6 from a year ago.

Presently it’s the ideal opportunity for us to perceive how the iPhone 6s Plus did in its very own teardown. What’s more, obviously, the greater Apple handset is by all accounts only a greater adaptation of the iPhone 6s – at any rate regarding internals.

Like its littler kin, the iPhone 6s Plus was found to have an overwhelming show get together. It measures an astounding 80g, 20g more than that of the iPhone 6s. The weight contrast clearly represents the size differential between the two. Nonetheless, a year ago’s iPhone 6 Plus accompanied a showcase get together measuring 60g as well. Contrasted with it, the new model’s included weight is all in view of the 3D Touch innovation.

The battery limit of the iPhone 6s Plus is 2,750 mAh, which is 165 mAh littler than the one in the iPhone 6 Plus. The downsize for this situation was made to make up for the included heave of the screen and the 3D Touch controller, permitting the telephone to don fundamentally the same outside measurements to its forerunner.

Apple has utilized a custom 7000 arrangement aluminum combination for the development of the iPhone 6s Plus. This contains 91.17% aluminum, 0.08% iron, 7.64% zinc, and 0.106% tungsten. The zinc arrives to give an increment in rigidity contrasted with the combination that was utilized a year ago.

At last, the iPhone 6s Plus got a 7 out of 10 repairability score. Screen repairs are really simple to perform, as is getting to the battery (with the right devices and procedure, be that as it may). Repairs to the Touch ID link are more troublesome since it’s combined to the rationale board, and the telephone highlights exclusive Pentalobe screws on the outside, obliging a claim to fame screwdriver to evacuate.