For quite a while now, LG has been rumored to be preparing a new flagship smartphone, one to launch in the latter half of this year. Recently some of the previously leaked details about it, such as having a premium metal build, have been refuted – but it looks like it’s coming nevertheless.

It could be called G4 Pro or G4 Note, depending on which rumor you’re more inclined to believe. The handset may top the ‘vanilla’ G4 when it comes to specs.

A new report from LG’s native South Korea now tells us that this new LG model will be released on October 10. That date could only apply to that market, keep in mind. Apparently the timeline has been revealed at an LG briefing, by a company official no less.

We don’t get any rumored specs this time around. The device should have a removable battery, rear-mounted power and volume buttons, and may even sport a stylus. But few things have been conclusively uttered about this phone, so the G4 Pro or G4 Note is still very much a mystery at this point. Though if it will be out next month, expect to hear a lot more about it in the coming weeks.