The upcoming Nexus phones will be split between two makers – LG bringing a more compact 5.2″ handset and Huawei making the larger 5.7″ phablet. We’ve seen rounds of leaks detail the specs, but it looks like they will be roughly the same device differing mostly in size.

The LG Nexus will pack a 5.2″ in a (probably) metal body. Front-facing speakers bump up the size of the thing to 146.9 x 72.9 x 9.8m (8mm at the thinnest part). Other goodies include a fingerprint reader on the back and a USB Type C.

The Huawei Nexus will have 5.7″ screen in a (more certainly) metal body with front-facing speakers again. This bumps up the size to 159.4 x 78.3 x 8.5mm (6.6mm at the thinnest). The back fingerprint sensor and USB Type C will also be on board.

An earlier leak showed an impressive score from the LG Nexus (though we wouldn’t put much weight on benchmark scores this early) and revealed a 1080p screen resolution. The Huawei Nexus meanwhile will probably be powered by a Snapdragon 820 and feature a QHD screen.