Today during a special video presentation at Gamescom, Blizzard Entertainment announced the sixth expansion for World of Warcraft, called Legion.

The new Demon Hunter

The expansion adds a new continent named Broken Isles. It’s never been playable in World of Warcraft before, but was referenced in Warcraft 3.

What’s more, Legion raises World of Warcraft’s level cap to 110 and introduces a new class called Demon Hunter (see below for more details on the new character). There are also new dungeons and raids to explore, as well as new artifact weapons and an Honor System.

Here’s a quick rundown of the key points for Legion, as provided by Blizzard:

  • New continent: The Broken Isles
  • New class: Demon Hunter
  • Artifacts: customizable weapons that grow in power as you do
  • Class-specific Order Halls and followers
  • All New Dungeons and Raids
  • New World Bosses
  • Level cap raised to 110
  • Revamped PvP progression system
  • Improved transmogrification system
  • Improved social features
  • Character Boost–immediately raise one character to level 100
  • Beta starts this year–you can opt in here

For a closer look at Legion, check out the video below.

New Class: Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter (no connection to the band of the same name) sounds totally badass. The character can double-jump, and, its creepy-looking wings let it perform gliding attacks to surprise from above. In addition, Demon Hunters are blind, so they rely on “magically augmented sight” to see.

“Dominate your foes as a Demon Hunter, an elven outcast shunned for daring to wield the terrible powers of the Legion,” Blizzard said. “Exhibiting superior mobility and a preternatural sense of awareness, Demon Hunters can tap into forbidden powers at times of dire need, metamorphosing into terrifying fel forms. Focus on Havoc to demolish any who stand in your way with fiery demonic attacks, or specialize in Vengeance and go toe to toe with even the most powerful demons, withstanding massive punishment as their attacks fuel your hatred.”

New Map: Black Isles

Broken Isles has forests, mountain ranges, and elven cities. There’s quite a bit of danger, too.

“Twisted satyrs, savage drogbar, and cursed Kvaldir prowl the Isles alongside the Legion’s marauding army,” Blizzard said. “To overcome these threats, you will claim an Order Hall unique to your character class and lead your followers on a hunt for the Pillars of Creation–the secret to Azeroth’s salvation.”

More information about Legion is available on the World of Warcraft website, while Blizzard will hold a developer discussion this coming Sunday, August 9, to talk more about the expansion.

Blizzard has not announced a release date for Legion. Check out some screenshots and concept art images from Legion in the gallery below.

Previous World of Warcraft expansions have included: The Burning Crusade (2007), Wrath of the Lich King(2008), Cataclysm (2010), Mists of Pandaria (2012), and Warlords of Draenor (2014).

With World of Warcraft subscribers sliding, a new expansion could help bring people back. After all, history has shown that new expansions tend to do just that.

Source : Gamespot