OnePlus 2 is yet to make its way to consumers’ hands, but the folks over at have grabbed a hold of one, and have given it their customary teardown treatment. Now, it would have been easier, if the captions were in English, but regardless, it’s always fun to look at a disassembled piece of tech.

As we all know, the OnePlus 2 is powered by the Snapdragon 810 chipset and comes with LPDDR4 RAM, either 3GB or 4GB, depending on the variant.

While there’s no mention of fast charging in the smartphone’s official specs, the teardown reveals the circuitry is there – expectedly, given that it’s part of the S810’s architecture.

Perhaps most interestingly, the camera sensors in use are supplied by OmniVision. The primary imager is the 13MP OV13860 with 1/2.6″ diagonal and 1.3 x 1.3 micron photosites, while the front camera relies on a 5MP OV5648 sensor with even larger 1.4 micron pixels.

OnePlus 2 teardown

For those that care, the cellular modems are SKY77814 and RF7389EU, and Wi-Fi is taken care of by Qualcomm’s QCA6164 chip. The audio chip is TFA9890, courtesy of Dutch semiconductor manufacturer NXP.

Of course, the components only tell half the story, and it’s a lot more important how the smartphone performs as a package – something we’re looking forward to finding out, once we get a review unit of our own.