Back in 2013 Panasonic gave up on smartphones, but later changed its mind. Today it launched three new Android 5.1 powered smartphones in India. All three boast 4G LTE connectivity and have two SIM slots.

Panasonic Eluga L2
The biggest of the three, the Eluga L2 boasts a 5.5″ screen (we’re waiting on confirmation of the screen size). It measures 8.6mm thick and weighs 158g, reasonable for the screen size and price segment. The battery is a bit of a letdown, however, at only 2,500mAh.
Panasonic Eluga L2

The phone packs 8MP camera on the back, a 2MP one for selfies. There’s only 8GB of storage, but the good news is that it’s expandable. The L5 is powered by an unnamed Snapdragon chipset with a 1.2GHz quad-core processor and just a gig of RAM.

The price for the Panasonic Eluga L2 is set at INR 9,990 ($222) and you get a choice between Sand Grey and Midnight Black. Note that the texture on both is different – Black has a faux leather finish, while the other has a simple matte finish.

Panasonic Eluga I2
The Eluga I2 is the middle child with a 5″ 720p screen. This one tips the scales at 135g and measures 8.8mm thick, the battery is once again below average – 2,000mAh.

The camera setup is the same, 8MP/2MP, as is the storage. The chipset is a step down with a 1GHz quad-core processor and 1 gig of RAM.

The more affordable Panasonic Eluga I2 will set you back INR 8,290 ($184) and has a bit more freedom of choice when it comes to colors – Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, Metallic Grey.

Panasonic Eluga T45
The most affordable of the three is also the smallest – the Eluga T45 packs a 4.5″ screen. The phone goes up in thickness (9.5mm) while going even further down in battery capacity (1,800mAh).

This one gets a 5MP main camera and only a 0.3MP snapper for selfies. At least the storage is kept at 8GB with a microSD slot. The chipset looks identical to the Eluga I2 – 1GHz quad-core CPU with 1GB of RAM.

Price for the Panasonic Eluga T45 is INR 6,980 ($155).