Samsung announced three new very interesting speakers – they are all 360-degree wireless standalones. The models are R1, R3 and R5 – successors of the R6 and R7.

The new generation 360 Wireless Audio speakers offer “high-quality, balanced sound, and premium table-top design that enables them to fit seamlessly into any home.” They have a brand new interface for easier control.

Samsung’s Multiroom App has been updated as well and supports those speakers on both Android and iOS. Finally, Samsung partnered with Qobuz and the R1, R3 and R5 supports the high-quality streaming service.

Samsung will showcase the R1, R3 and R5 at IFA in Berlin next month. They will launch in the US and EU markets in Q4 this year. The R1 is priced at $199, the R5 is set to cost $399, and the R3 is somewhere in-between – probably $299.