Last week the mobile realm was truly action-packed. Announcements were plentiful and this naturally stirred up the top ten phones chart. Here is what have after tallying up the results.

The new Moto G took the news by storm and generated an enormous amount of attention. Consequently, the budget-friendly device managed to swoop in and take the lead in our interest chart. Not only is it in first place, it has a substantial lead over the runner up.

That happens to be the OnePlus 2 – the eagerly-anticipated second-gen “flagship killer” was finally revealed last week as well, after a seemingly endless tease campaign.

Going further down the chart, we see some familiar faces, yet still somewhat odd, especially in the case of the Micromax Canvas Sliver 5 and the Lenovo K3 Note. But strange or not, both managed to hold on to the top ten list for yet another week. They occupy the third and fifth spot respectively, with the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime sitting between them. This trio actually had the very same arrangement last week, so not much has changed and the devices were simply pushed down by the Moto G and OnePlus 2.

The Galaxy S6 follows at sixth, which is a bump down in rank from fifth place last week, but considering the two new champions, Samsung’s flagship has actually somewhat improved its standing. After that we find another pair of newcomers – two Motorola devices that accompanied the Moto G at the July 28 unveiling. The phablet-sized Moto X Style at seventh place and the mid-range Moto X Play at ninth are both successors to the Moto X, branching the lineup to two different price points.

Last, but not least, the Galaxy A5 has managed to cling on to the top ten and occupies the very last spot. That is still a decent achievement, considering that all the newcomers were enough to push the Galaxy J5 and J7 out of the race and even more-surprisingly, the iPhone 6, which generally holds its ground.

OnePlus 2


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Lenovo K3 Note

WAS: 3

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Samsung Galaxy S6

WAS: 5

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Samsung Galaxy A5
RANK: 10

WAS: 8