Viber’s latest update brings along with it increased sharing functions, easier video calling and much more. The update, which is now available, also brings more payment options to the app, making it even easier to purchase credit for using the app. Some of the other changes in this version include:

  • Increased sharing functions: Users can now share phonebook contact details as a Viber message. Recipients can save the contact info directly to their phone’s contact list through the app.
  • Rich links: When a user shares a URL, Viber will automatically create a message bubble with a thumbnail image from the site they are sharing.
  • Easier video calling: Users can now initiate a video call directly from their contact’s profile or from their recent calls list.
  • Animated stickers: With over 500 sticker packs to choose from, Viber just made its library of stickers better with the ability to send live motion stickers through chat.